Xzavier :Is this site actually legit? Finding decent quality face masks are a pain but we’re in dire need of them.

Hello Xzavier 

We are legal, but at the same time, we are not a government organization.

I understand your feelings. It is because it is too hard to find masks, so we set up a website to help more people.

Doris:Where are these made?Where are they shipped from?Out of country?

Hello, Doris

Most of these products are made in Asian countries, mostly in China, Vietnam, Taiwan and India.

We have been negotiating with American factories, but because of the limited capacity and the priority to supply hospitals, they are unable to supply us for the time being.

Many products in American warehouses have been sold out and are now being restocked. So some products are shipped from the origin.

Ted: how long will I receive the product if I buy it today?

Hello, Ted

Generally, it can be received in a week or so. However, due to the virus incident, there may be a shortage of personnel in some places, which may lead to an extension of time.

Deborah:I don't know how to use paypal

Hello Deborah

We only support PayPal now, and it may take a while for the credit card channel to open.